Blackberry Troubleshooting
Liquid Damage

BlackBerry smartphones, batteries or travel chargers might be damaged if:

Perform a visual inspection of the BlackBerry smartphone and battery to look for obvious signs of potential liquid damage. Do you use a holster? If not, a holster can protect your BlackBerry smartphones from potential liquid damage.

Potential liquid damage might be indicated by the following:

Liquid Damage Indicator

The liquid damage indicator (LDI) is a small tab inside the battery compartment. All BlackBerry smartphones and batteries have at least one LDI which indicates superficial potential liquid damage to the BlackBerry smartphone or battery.

An inactive LDI appears solid white in a BlackBerry smartphone and white with a red stripe or white with red XXX's on a BlackBerry battery. An active LDI appears solid red which indicates liquid contact.

Locate and inspect the LDI. The location of the LDI can vary depending on the BlackBerry smartphone or battery.

Liquid can enter a BlackBerry smartphone through openings in the keypad, the USB Port, or the headset jack and cause damage to the circuit board which is beyond repair.

This type of damage might not show on the LDI, and can only be confirmed by authorized repair personnel when they disassemble and inspect the BlackBerry smartphone.

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