Blackberry Troubleshooting
Does Not Hold Charge

Try the following actions to resolve the issue. If the issue persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

It is actually the BlackBerry smartphone battery that holds the charge. If the BlackBerry smartphone is not functioning as it should in terms of power, the battery could be causing the issue.

Check the battery or charging accessory

Try another fully charged battery, USB cable, or wall charger

If the BlackBerry smartphone charges when using a different battery or wall charger, the issue most likely lies with the battery or charging accessory. A replacement battery, charger, or USB cable may well resolve the issue.

Low battery indicators

The BlackBerry smartphone continuously monitors the battery voltage level, and shuts down automatically if the voltage drops below the specified minimum level.

When a BlackBerry smartphone battery drops below specified power levels the following occurs:

The LED of a BlackBerry smartphone which has turned off due to a low battery slowly flashes amber when connected to a charger.

A BlackBerry smartphone enters deep sleep mode if it has turned off due to a drained battery and left in this state for a long time.

If a dead battery is inserted into a BlackBerry smartphone, the red LED might turn on for up to 2 minutes. A dead battery still has some power, but not enough to perform any functions on the BlackBerry smartphone.

If a deeply drained battery is inserted into the BlackBerry smartphone, there are no visual indicators of functionality. A deeply drained battery has little to no power and cannot sustain the LED light.

Make sure the charger is a travel charger for the BlackBerry smartphone or a computer. Using a bus-powered USB hub might cause the red LED to remain on indefinitely and the computer operating system might show a pop-up window with the following message: USB hub Power Exceeded. In this case, the BlackBerry smartphone does not charge.

Update the BlackBerry Device Software

You can download the latest version of Blackberry Device Software from Follow the instructions on the screen to download the latest version currently available from your wireless service provider.

If this issue is still not resolved, follow your wireless service provider's procedures to service or return the BlackBerry smartphone.

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